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Product Name: Swing Gearbox Material: Steel
Payment: T/T Paypal West Western Union,Credit card,paypal Model: JCB130
Part Number: None Feature: High Efficiency
Color: Blue MOQ: 1 PC
Quality: Made In China
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swing reduction gear


swing reducer



Excavator Reducer JCB Swing device JCB130 Swing Gearbox

Product Description

Product name

Excavator Reducer JCB Swing device JCB130 Swing Gearbox

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Payment term:

T/T & Western Union,Credit card,paypal & Paypal

Delivery time:

Within 2 days after receiving the payment


Standard exporting packing or as required

The JCB130 swing gearbox 

Item Details:

Model: JCB JS130

Payment: ABC Bank,Paypal,Western Union,Credit card,paypal, MoneyGram,TT Transfer

Keywords: JS130 Swing Device, JCB130 Swing Gearbox, JCB130 Swing Reducer


Motor& Gearbox Available Model:

DOOSAN DH50-7, DH55D, DH60-7, DH80, DH130, DH150, DH150W-9, DH215-5, DH200-5, DH150LC-7, DH215-7, DH220-5, DH220-7, DH220-9, DH220-10, DH225-9, DH258, DH258LC-7, DH280, DH290B, DH300-5, DH300-7, DH320, DH360, DH370, DH500, DX300
HYUNDAI R60-7, R80, R130, R140, R150-7, R150-9, R1107-7, R160-7, R210, R220, R220-7, R215-7, R220-5, R225-7, R225-9T, R225lc-7, R290, R350-7,R110-9, R215-9, R275LC-9, R305, R305-7, R320, R335-7,R360, R370, R375, R375-7H, R455, R460, R485-7
VOLVO EC130, EC140B, EC210B, EC210C, EC235C, EC240B, EC290, EC290B, EC290C, EC360B, EC460B, EC460C, EC480D
CAT E305, E320, E325C, E315C, E330C, E315D, E320D, E325D, E330D, E360D, E70B, E120B, E200B, E320B, E330B
KOMATSU PC35,PC40,PC45, PC50, PC55, PC60,PC60-6, PC70, PC75, PC78, PC80, PC90, PC100, PC110, PC120, PC120-7, PC130, PC150, PC160, PC180, PC200,PC200-6, PC200-7,PC200-8, PC210-8, PC220-6,PC220-7,PC210, PC220, PC230, PC240,PC240-8, PC270, PC300, PC360,PC360-7, PC350, PC400, PC450, PC650, PC750, PC1250 D31, D50, D65, D85, D155, D275, D375, D475
HITACHI EX200-2, EX220-2, EX120-5, EX200-5, EX220-5, EX400-5, ZAXIS200-3, ZAXIS210-3, ZAXIS240-3, ZAXIS 270-3, ZAXIS330-3, ZAXIS360-3, ZAXIS110, ZAXIS120, ZX200-6
KOBELCO SK200-3, SK200-5, SK135rs, SK70rs,SK60,SK120-5, SK200-8, SK250-8, SK260-8, SK130-8, SK200-6e, SK210-6e, SK160
KATO HD80R, HD820-5, HD1023, HD1430, HD700-7,HD1430-7, HD1250-7, HD450-7
SUMITOMO SH120A2/A3,SH130, SH200A2/A3, SH210A5, SH240A3, SH360A5
KUBOTA KX155, KX135, KX161-3

Cautions of Swing Gearbox or Travel Gearbox Installation

1.Replace with new gear oil (the better gear oil, the longer the service life of the gearbox). Replace the gear oil after 7 days. (The operating time of the gear oil is changed every 1000 hours. Lubricating oil: operation time is changed every 1000 hours.

2.Before testing the machine, please confirm whether the gear oil has a sufficient amount according to the regulations, and please fill the hydraulic motor housing with power oil.

3.The load cannot be added quickly, and the operation should be fully operated under a light load.

4.Attention should be paid to the temperature of the housing during operation. The safe operating temperature is below atmospheric temperature + 60 °.

5.Check whether there is oil leakage at the connection between the motor and the reducer.

6.While installing and running, see if there is any abnormal noise.

7.Be sure to clean the tubing lines.


1.What is your core business
We mainly do hydraulic parts, seals, electrical parts, gear parts and bearings.

2.What kind of machine (bulldozer, front loader, grader, excavator, etc.) do you use

3.What kind of machine do you use
We supply components for Hitachi, , komatsu, sumitomo, hyundai, Kobelco, liebherr, JCB and other brands.
We mainly do small and medium-sized excavators.

4.Do you have any in stock
Most of our products are in stock.

5.Could you send us the price listThen we won't bother you when we need the price information.
Sorry, we don't have a price list.If you need anything, please feel free to contact us.

6. If we place an order, can we pay for it individuallyOr contract for each shipment
We accept western union, paypal, telegraphic transfer.
For small orders, we recommend western union and PayPal.


swing reduction gear,

swing reducer,

excavator gearbox

More Information

The Excavator Reducer JCB Swing device JCB130 Swing Gearbox is a high-quality product made in China, specifically designed for excavator applications. With its efficient performance and reliable construction, this swing gearbox ensures smooth and precise movement of the excavator's swing arm.

Made from steel, this swing gearbox is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty excavator operations. Its durable material ensures long-lasting performance and resistance against wear and tear. The blue color of the gearbox adds a touch of aesthetics to the overall appearance of the excavator.

The JCB130 Swing Gearbox is designed for easy installation and compatibility with the JCB130 excavator model. This makes it a perfect fit for replacement or upgrading purposes. With its precise dimensions and accurate specifications, this swing gearbox seamlessly integrates with your excavator, ensuring optimal performance.

The swing gearbox is known for its high efficiency, allowing for smooth and effortless movement of the swing arm. Its exceptional performance enhances the overall productivity of your excavator, helping you complete your tasks efficiently and on time. The efficient operation of the swing gearbox also reduces the strain on the engine, extending its lifespan.

With a minimum order quantity of just 1 piece, this swing gearbox offers flexibility and affordability. Whether you need a single unit for a specific replacement or multiple units for a larger project, we have you covered. Our flexible payment options, including T/T, Western Union, Credit card, and Paypal, make the purchasing process convenient and hassle-free.

Quality is our top priority, which is why this swing gearbox is manufactured in China to meet stringent quality standards. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure its performance and durability. Rest assured, you are receiving a high-quality product that is built to last.

For your convenience, we offer fast delivery, with orders processed within 2 days after receiving payment. Our standard exporting packing ensures that the swing gearbox reaches you in perfect condition, ready to be installed on your excavator.

In summary, the Excavator Reducer JCB Swing device JCB130 Swing Gearbox is a reliable and efficient solution for enhancing the performance of your excavator. With its high efficiency, durability, and compatibility with the JCB130 model, this swing gearbox is a must-have for any excavator operator. Place your order today and experience the difference it makes to your excavating operations.

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