Avoid relying solely on model numbers when purchasing parts to prevent incorrect orders.

Confirm with Part Number:
Use the part number as a unique identifier for accuracy. Ensure that the part number matches the required part.

No Part Number? No problem:
For items like turbochargers and water pumps, provide the model and engine number with pictures of old parts or the model number with its serial number. For instance, if you need a turbocharger for a Komatsu PC200-5 Excavator Engine S6D95, send the model "Komatsu PC200-5," engine "Engine S6D95," and pictures of the old turbocharger. Alternatively, give details like "Turbocharger for a Komatsu PC200-5 excavator with serial number 45001." More information, such as model number, serial number, engine number, pictures, and size, expedites the confirmation process.

Tips for Special Products:

Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit: Confirm piston type with Cummins engine overhaul kits by providing the engine's serial number. If unavailable, send pictures of old pistons.
Travel Motor, Swing Motor, or Hydraulic Pump Parts/Assembly: Use the nameplate for identification.
Remember, avoid relying solely on model numbers to prevent errors. We're here to help, so feel free to reach out. contact us  if you have any questions!

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