How to find the right parts you need?

Avoid purchasing a part based solely on the model number, as it can lead to incorrect purchases.

Confirm by Part Number:
The part number serves as the unique identifier for each part. To ensure accuracy, please verify that the part number you have matches the required part.

No Part Number? No problem:
For turbochargers, water pumps, and similar parts, please provide us with the model number and engine number, accompanied by pictures of your old parts. Alternatively, provide the model number with its serial number. For example, if you need a turbocharger for a Komatsu PC200-5 Excavator Engine S6D95, please send us the model "Komatsu PC200-5," engine "Engine S6D95," and pictures of your old turbocharger from different angles. Alternatively, you can provide information such as "Turbocharger for a Komatsu PC200-5 excavator with serial number 45001." The more information you provide, such as model number, serial number, engine number, pictures, and size, the faster we can confirm the correct part for you.

Tips for Special Products:

Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit: When purchasing a Cummins engine overhaul rebuild kit, it is crucial to confirm the piston type. As the same engine can be used in various models with different pistons, we require the engine's serial number (rather than just the engine number) to determine the correct piston type. If you don't have the engine serial number, please send us pictures of your old pistons from different angles.
Travel Motor, Swing Motor, or Hydraulic Pump Parts or Assembly: The nameplate on these assemblies provides valuable information for identification.
Remember, purchasing a part solely based on the model number can lead to errors. We are here to assist you, so please don't hesitate to contact us  if you have any questions!