Thermostat 145206230 for Perkins Engine 403D-15 403D-15T 404D-22 404D-22T 404D-22TA 403D-17 404C-22 404C-22T

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Thermostat 145206230 for Perkins Engine 403D-15 403D-15T 404D-22 404D-22T 404D-22TA 403D-17 404C-22 404C-22T

Part Number:

Engine Type : EL
EL71005N EL71131N EL82367N

Engine Type : EN
EN70960N EN70986N EN70987N EN70996N EN82259N EN82366N

Engine Type : EP
EP70961N EP70997N EP70998N EP71071N EP82260N EP82467N

Engine Type : GKCompany name : 403D-15
GK65483U GK65484R GK65484U GK65594N GK65594U GK65595U GK65596N GK65596R GK65596U GK65597N GK65597R GK65597U GK65607N GK65607U GK65616U GK65617U GK65627U GK65643U GK65645N GK65653U GK65669N GK65669R GK65669U GK65670N GK65670U GK65671N GK65671U GK65681N GK65681R GK65681U GK65683N GK65683U GK65690U GK65712U GK65714N GK65717U GK65722N GK65722R GK65729U GK65745N GK65749U GK65760U GK65794U GK65797R GK65797U GK65799U GK65803R GK65803U GK65805U GK65823U GK65826U GK65833U GK65836U GK65840U GK65852U GK65861U GK65862U GK65863U GK65883U GK65884U GK65885U GK65890N GK65890R GK65890U GK65892R GK65892U GK65894R GK65894U GK65895N GK65895R GK65895U GK65900N GK65900R GK65900U GK65903N GK65903R GK65903U GK65925U GK65926U GK65928N GK65937UPB GK65938UPB GK65940UPB GK65941UPB GK65942UPB GK65944UPB GK65946UPB GK65968UPB GK66014U GK66023N GK66045U GK66052U GK66076U GK66086U GK66099U GK66112U GK66113R GK66123R GK66130U GK66187R GK66199U GK71016N GK71017N GK71019N GK71038N GK71038R GK71056N GK71059U GK71090U GK71104N GK71152U GK82235U GK82256U GK82393U GK82507R

Engine Type : GLCompany name : 403D-15T
GL65615U GL65704U GL65813U GL65839U GL65848U GL66020U GL66021U GL66077U GL66108U GL66202R GL82531R GL82542R

Engine Type : GNCompany name : 404D-22
GN65432N GN65432R GN65432U GN65470U GN65487U GN65608N GN65608U GN65609U GN65611R GN65611U GN65614N GN65614R GN65614U GN65629N GN65630U GN65641U GN65642U GN65646N GN65649U GN65650U GN65652U GN65659N GN65659R GN65659U GN65660N GN65660U GN65661N GN65661U GN65668U GN65673U GN65674N GN65674R GN65674U GN65675N GN65675R GN65675U GN65676N GN65676U GN65682N GN65682U GN65686U GN65687U GN65697U GN65698U GN65699U GN65702U GN65706N GN65706U GN65707U GN65708U GN65711U GN65715U GN65718U GN65719U GN65721N GN65721R GN65725N GN65726N GN65726U GN65730U GN65732N GN65732R GN65732U GN65733N GN65733R GN65733U GN65734R GN65734U GN65735U GN65741R GN65741U GN65743R GN65743U GN65746N GN65750U GN65752U GN65755N GN65756N GN65758R GN65758U GN65759U GN65764N GN65767U GN65770N GN65770U GN65771N GN65773U GN65777U GN65782U GN65796R GN65796U GN65800U GN65802U GN65804U GN65806U GN65822U GN65825R GN65825U GN65841U GN65842N GN65842U GN65843U GN65850R GN65850U GN65858U GN65864U GN65865U GN65866U GN65867U GN65868U GN65869U GN65871U GN65873U GN65875U GN65876U GN65880U GN65882U GN65886N GN65886R GN65886U GN65889N GN65889R GN65889U GN65891N GN65891R GN65891U GN65893R GN65893U GN65896N GN65896R GN65896U GN65897N GN65897R GN65897U GN65901R GN65901U GN65902N GN65902R GN65902U GN65904R GN65904U GN65905N GN65905R GN65905U GN65906R GN65906U GN65907R GN65907U GN65909U GN65913R GN65913U GN65914R GN65914U GN65916R GN65916U GN65923U GN65924U GN65947UPB GN65948UPB GN65949UPB GN65950UPB GN65952UPB GN65953UPB GN65954UPB GN65957UPB GN65960UPB GN65969UPB GN65971UPB GN65972UPB GN65973UPB GN65974UPB GN65975UPB GN65976UPB GN66009U GN66010N GN66016U GN66031U GN66038N GN66039N GN66041R GN66044U GN66050U GN66055R GN66056R GN66075U GN66095U GN66105U GN66115U GN66125U GN66131U GN66133U GN66139R GN66141N GN66148U GN66155N GN66160U GN66167U GN66168U GN66182R GN66192U GN66203U GN66205R GN66212R GN66215U GN71007N GN71010N GN71013U GN71015N GN71022N GN71028N GN71032N GN71034N GN71035U GN71039N GN71039R GN71041U GN71057N GN71076N GN71079N GN71091N GN71100R GN71101R GN71106N GN71110U GN71115U GN71117U GN71135N GN71146N GN71153U GN71190N GN71205R GN71215R GN82266U GN82285U GN82287U GN82310R GN82312U GN82359U GN82362U GN82363U GN82364U GN82412U GN82414U GN82503U

Engine Type : GPCompany name : 404D-22T
GP65433J GP65433N GP65433R GP65433U GP65631J GP65631U GP65633U GP65647N GP65651J GP65651U GP65654N GP65655N GP65664N GP65672R GP65672U GP65703U GP65720N GP65720R GP65731J GP65731U GP65747N GP65748N GP65754N GP65772N GP65781J GP65781U GP65790J GP65790U GP65793J GP65793U GP65795N GP65795R GP65795U GP65798R GP65798U GP65801U GP65807N GP65807R GP65807U GP65808N GP65808U GP65809N GP65809R GP65809U GP65818J GP65818U GP65819U GP65828N GP65829N GP65829U GP65835J GP65835U GP65846J GP65846U GP65849R GP65849U GP65855J GP65855U GP65917U GP65961UPB GP65977UPB GP65978UPB GP65979UPB GP65981U GP65983UPB GP66011U GP66012N GP66018U GP66027N GP66036U GP66040U GP66051U GP66128U GP66134U GP66149U GP66152N GP66161R GP66163R GP66164U GP66169U GP66175U GP66184U GP66194R GP66201R GP66211R GP66217U GP71009N GP71011N GP71012N GP71014N GP71029U GP71031N GP71042N GP71042R GP71052U GP71058N GP71077N GP71078N GP71082N GP71099R GP71103U GP71125R GP71221N GP82275U GP82280U GP82306N GP82335R GP82343U GP82344U GP82345U GP82348U GP82349U GP82357U GP82361U GP82370U GP82376N GP82430U GP82438U GP82483U GP82518U GP82532R

Engine Type : GRCompany name : 404D-22TA
GR65810U GR65811U GR65812U GR65815U GR66019U GR71020U GR71021U GR71036U GR71160U GR82355U GR82484U GR82505U

Engine Type : GSCompany name : 403D-17
GS65774J GS65778J GS65785J GS66005JPB GS66008JPB GS71060J

Engine Type : GU
GU51794R GU51794U GU51798R GU51798U GU51809U

Engine Type : GV
GV51790R GV51790U GV51793U

Engine Type : HPCompany name : 404C-22

Engine Type : HRCompany name : 404C-22T
HR30829UPB HR30862U HR30863U HR51245N HR51245U HR51431U HR66979U HR66980U HR66981U HR66984N HR66985N HR70537U HR70539N HR70539U HR70541N HR70541U HR70557N HR70557U HR70565N HR70565U HR70568N HR70568U HR70583N HR70583U HR70592N HR70592U HR70594N HR70594U HR81392U HR81447U HR81457U HR81469U HR81486U HR81505U HR81507U HR81516U HR81525U HR81531U HR81584U HR81585U HR81587U HR81597U HR81604U HR81607U HR81611U

More Information

Introducing the Thermostat 145206230 for Perkins Engine, a high-quality and reliable component that is designed to ensure optimum performance and efficiency of your engine. Engineered specifically for Perkins Engine models 403D-15, 403D-15T, 404D-22, 404D-22T, and 404D-22TA, this thermostat is the perfect solution for maintaining the proper operating temperature of your engine.

Part Number: 145206230


  • Engine Type: ELEL71005N, EL71131N, EL82367N
  • Engine Type: ENEN70960N, EN70986N, EN70987N, EN70996N, EN82259N, EN82366N
  • Engine Type: EPEP70961N, EP70997N, EP70998N, EP71071N, EP82260N, EP82467N
  • Engine Type: GKCompany name: 403D-15GK65483U, GK65484R, GK65484U, GK65594N, GK65594U, GK65595U, GK65596N, GK65596R, GK65596U, GK65597N, GK65597R, GK65597U, GK65607N, GK65607U, GK65616U, GK65617U, GK65627U, GK65643U, GK65645N, GK65653U, GK65669N, GK65669R, GK65669U, GK65670N, GK65670U, GK65671N, GK65671U, GK65681N, GK65681R, GK65681U, GK65683N, GK65683U, GK65690U, GK65712U, GK65714N, GK65717U, GK65722N, GK65722R, GK65729U, GK65745N, GK65749U, GK65760U, GK65794U, GK65797R, GK65797U, GK65799U, GK65803R, GK65803U, GK65805U, GK65823U, GK65826U, GK65833U, GK65836U, GK65840U, GK65852U, GK65861U, GK65862U, GK65863U, GK65883U, GK65884U, GK65885U, GK65890N, GK65890R, GK65890U, GK65892R, GK65892U, GK65894R, GK65894U, GK65895N, GK65895R, GK65895U, GK65900N, GK65900R, GK65900U, GK65903N, GK65903R, GK65903U, GK65925U, GK65926U, GK65928N, GK65937UPB, GK65938UPB, GK65940UPB, GK65941UPB, GK65942UPB, GK65944UPB, GK65946UPB, GK65968UPB, GK66014U, GK66023N, GK66045U, GK66052U, GK66076U, GK66086U, GK66099U, GK66112U, GK66113R, GK66123R, GK66130U, GK66187R, GK66199U, GK71016N, GK71017N, GK71019N, GK71038N, GK71038R, GK71056N, GK71059U, GK71090U, GK71104N, GK71152U, GK82235U, GK82256U, GK82393U, GK82507R
  • Engine Type: GLCompany name: 403D-15TGL65615U, GL65704U, GL65813U, GL65839U, GL65848U, GL66020U, GL66021U, GL66077U, GL66108U, GL66202R, GL82531R, GL82542R
  • Engine Type: GNCompany name: 404D-22GN65432N, GN65432R, GN65432U, GN65470U, GN65487U, GN65608N, GN65608U, GN65609U, GN65611R

The Thermostat 145206230 is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. It is designed to precisely regulate the engine's operating temperature, preventing overheating and potential damage to the engine components. This ensures better performance, improved fuel efficiency, and increased engine lifespan.

Installing the Thermostat 145206230 is quick and easy, thanks to its precise fit and compatibility with Perkins Engine models. It is a direct replacement for the original thermostat, making the installation process hassle-free.

By maintaining the proper operating temperature, the Thermostat 145206230 helps optimize the engine's performance and ensures smooth operation in various conditions. Whether you are running your Perkins Engine in a construction site, agricultural field, or industrial application, this thermostat will provide reliable temperature control for consistent performance.

Investing in the Thermostat 145206230 is a cost-effective solution to improve your engine's reliability and performance. With its excellent quality and compatibility with Perkins Engine models, you can trust this thermostat to deliver optimal temperature control and enhance the efficiency of your engine.

In conclusion, the Thermostat 145206230 for Perkins Engine is an essential component for maintaining the proper operating temperature of your engine. Its compatibility with various Perkins Engine models, high-quality construction, and easy installation make it the perfect choice for those in need of reliable temperature control. Upgrade your engine's performance and efficiency with the Thermostat 145206230 and ensure smooth operation in any application.

OEM NO. 145206230
Engine NO. 403D-15, 403D-15T, 404D-22, 404D-22T, 404D-22TA, 403D-17, 404C-22, 404C-22T
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