SY485 XE485 XE490 Piston Group M5BF-045-2N04-02B1M3-000 Excavator Hydraulic Fan Motor

Shop Premium SY485 XE485 XE490 Piston Group M5BF-045-2N04-02B1M3-000 Excavator Hydraulic Fan Motor - SY485 XE485 XE490 and Enjoy Fast Delivery! Choose quality components for performance and control. Order now!
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Part Name: Hydraulic Fan Motor Application: Excavator
Machine Model: SY485 XE485 XE490 Motor Model: M5BF-045
Condition: Brand New Warranty: 3 Months
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XE485 Hydraulic Fan Motor


XE490 Hydraulic Fan Motor



SY485 XE485 XE490 Piston Group M5BF-045-2N04-02B1M3-000 Excavator Hydraulic Fan Motor

Product name SY485 XE485 XE490 Piston Group M5BF-045-2N04-02B1M3-000 Excavator Hydraulic Fan Motor
Part name Hydraulic fan motor
Machine model SY485 XE485 XE490
Motor model M5BF-045-2N04-02B1M3-000
Warranty  3 months
Condition Brand new

Part NO. Mdoel
SANY SY485 SY485
SKID STEER LOADER 259B3 247B 257B 216B 226B 232B 236B 242B 252B 3024C 3044C C2.2 C3.4 307-3036
BACKHOE LOADER 416E 422E 428E 343E 3054C C4.4 350-0666
120M; 12M; 140M; 14M; 160M;
E325C E322C M325C 200-3406
E325C E322C M325C 179-9778
E330C 283-5992
E330C 191-5611
E330D.E336D 259-0815
E330D.E336D 234-4638
E345D.E349 295-9426
E345D.E349 295-9429
ROAD ROLLER CS531 CP533C CP533E CP54 CP56 CP563C CP563E CS531C CS531D CS533C CS533D CS533E CS54 CS56 CS563C CS563D CS563E 136-8869
RM500.RM300 230-7965
E385B E385C E390D E5090B 200-3252
Loader 980H 255-6805
E345CL 266-8034
E345B E345C 259-0814
E345B E330DL E330D W345B 155-9107
E365C E365B E365C E374D 247-8968
E365C(NOT SAME AS 247-8978) 225-4613
E365C.E385B.E385C.E390D E5090B 247-8978
  Engine parts Piston liner kits, main &con rod bearings, valves, cylinder gasket kits, plunger/delivery valve/nozzle,cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, starting motor, oil /water / feed pump, fan blade, turbocharger,thermostat and so on.
  Hydraulic parts Hydraulic pump assy , hydraulic pump parts(block ass'y, plate valve, guide retainer, retainer shoe, piston sub ass'y, cradle ass'y--cradle, cam rocker), swing motor, swing machinery, swing circle, main control valve, travel motor, boom cylinder, arm cylinder, bucket cylinder and so on.
Undercarriage parts Chassis parts, track link ass'y, track shoe, sprocket, track roller, carrier roller, front idler, bucket ,Oil cylinder assy and so on .
Cooling system Radiator ass'y, oil cooler assy, shroud, after cooler assy, condenser assy, water tank assy, air conditioner, air compressor assy and so on.

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hydraulic gear motor,

hydraulic fan drive motor,

hydraulic cooling fan motor

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OEM NO.SY485 XE485 XE490
ApplicationSY485 XE485 XE490
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