HUPARTS Oil Cooler 2486A023 for Perkins 1104D-E44T 1104D-E44TA Engine

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Oil Cooler 2486A023 for Perkins 1104D-E44T 1104D-E44TA Engine


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Oil Cooler 2486A023 for Perkins 1104D-E44T 1104D-E44TA Engine

Part Number:
2486A018 replaces 2486A014 since 01/06/2008.
2486A023 replaces 2486A018 since 09/12/2008.

Engine Type : NHCompany name : 1104D-E44T
NH38458 NH38464 NH38517 NH38519 NH38521 NH38523 NH38559 NH38561 NH38575 NH38581 NH38584 NH38604 NH38606 NH38612
NH38629 NH38648 NH38662 NH38678 NH38682 NH38697 NH38759 NH38813 NH38822 NH38852 NH38877 NH38885 NH38988 NH51634
NH51663 NH51664 NH51665 NH70813 NH70831 NH70835 NH70867 NH70917 NH70920 NH70953 NH70959 NH70964 NH70980 NH71154
NH71218 NH75006 NH75008 NH75030 NH75050 NH75059 NH75069 NH75071 NH75072 NH75103 NH75107 NH75133 NH75137 NH75174
NH75180 NH75181 NH75202 NH75204 NH75208 NH75213 NH75216 NH75220 NH75221 NH75235 NH75248 NH75342 NH75361 NH75365
NH75401 NH75441 NH75447 NH75473 NH75502 NH75613 NH75628 NH75639 NH81862 NH81863 NH81895 NH81907 NH81909 NH81918
NH81936 NH81940 NH81959 NH81960 NH81961 NH82012 NH82114 NH82130 NH82131 NH82291
Engine Type : NJCompany name : 1104D-E44TA
NJ38459 NJ38460 NJ38518 NJ38520 NJ38522 NJ38524 NJ38525 NJ38526 NJ38527 NJ38528 NJ38543 NJ38551 NJ38555 NJ38556
NJ38560 NJ38563 NJ38563B NJ38564 NJ38564B NJ38565 NJ38565B NJ38566 NJ38568 NJ38569 NJ38571 NJ38576 NJ38582 NJ38583
NJ38591 NJ38593 NJ38594 NJ38595 NJ38599 NJ38603 NJ38605 NJ38607 NJ38607B NJ38608 NJ38608B NJ38609 NJ38610 NJ38611
NJ38617 NJ38625 NJ38627 NJ38628 NJ38633 NJ38639 NJ38640 NJ38641 NJ38647 NJ38661 NJ38663 NJ38663B NJ38665 NJ38672
NJ38673 NJ38677 NJ38677B NJ38683 NJ38685 NJ38686 NJ38687 NJ38688 NJ38690 NJ38691 NJ38692 NJ38694 NJ38698 NJ38708
NJ38710 NJ38710B NJ38711 NJ38714 NJ38715 NJ38756 NJ38757 NJ38758 NJ38760 NJ38762 NJ38763 NJ38764 NJ38775 NJ38775B
NJ38782 NJ38784 NJ38793 NJ38799 NJ38806 NJ38807 NJ38808 NJ38817 NJ38823 NJ38842 NJ38865 NJ38866 NJ38874 NJ38878
NJ38882 NJ38887 NJ38888 NJ38889 NJ38890 NJ38891 NJ38899 NJ38923 NJ38926 NJ38956 NJ38957 NJ38958 NJ38960 NJ38974
NJ38975 NJ38992 NJ38996 NJ38997 NJ38998 NJ51608 NJ51610 NJ51611 NJ51612 NJ51613 NJ51614 NJ51615 NJ51616 NJ51617
NJ51635 NJ51661 NJ51662 NJ51690 NJ51703 NJ51705 NJ51708 NJ70718 NJ70719 NJ70722 NJ70723 NJ70725 NJ70726 NJ70767
NJ70776 NJ70783 NJ70784 NJ70787 NJ70812 NJ70816 NJ70833 NJ70834 NJ70841 NJ70853 NJ70860 NJ70878 NJ70909 NJ70914
NJ70916 NJ70919 NJ70923 NJ70949 NJ70954 NJ70957 NJ70958 NJ70963 NJ70983 NJ70984 NJ71157 NJ71171 NJ71192 NJ71241
NJ75014 NJ75026 NJ75055 NJ75058 NJ75079 NJ75083 NJ75086 NJ75098 NJ75102 NJ75110 NJ75122 NJ75126 NJ75140 NJ75155
NJ75158 NJ75173 NJ75175 NJ75182 NJ75186 NJ75187 NJ75200 NJ75205 NJ75214 NJ75219 NJ75226 NJ75255 NJ75274 NJ75308
NJ75321 NJ75328 NJ75330 NJ75353 NJ75357 NJ75359 NJ75360 NJ75380 NJ75398 NJ75411 NJ75438 NJ75455 NJ75471 NJ75484
NJ75544 NJ75575 NJ75620 NJ81860 NJ81861 NJ81882 NJ81892 NJ81893 NJ81897 NJ81903 NJ81904 NJ81905 NJ81919 NJ81920
NJ81933 NJ81935 NJ81937 NJ81938 NJ81946 NJ81950 NJ81957 NJ81962 NJ81981 NJ81998 NJ82001 NJ82002 NJ82010 NJ82014
NJ82024 NJ82032 NJ82045 NJ82053 NJ82054 NJ82055 NJ82057 NJ82063 NJ82069 NJ82072 NJ82077 NJ82078 NJ82085 NJ82093
NJ82100 NJ82137 NJ82152 NJ82174 NJ82213 NJ82227 NJ82229 NJ82247 NJ82248 NJ82332 NJ82384 NJ82389 NJ82405 NJ82407
NJ82421 NJ82422 NJ82429 NJ82450 NJ82510 NJ82568

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OEM NO.2486A023
Engine NO.1104D-E44T, 1104D-E44TA
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