For Komatsu Truck HD405-6 HD405-7 HM400-2 Water Temperature Sensor 7861-93-3320

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For Komatsu Truck HD405-6 HD405-7 HM400-2 Water Temperature Sensor 7861-93-3320

Part Number:7861-93-3320
Model:Komatsu Truck HD405-6 HD405-7 HM400-2
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Komatsu Engine Models: SA6D140E-3G-7
 S6D125E-2A  SA6D140E-3H-7  SAA6D114E-2B-A  SAA6D140E-3D-8
 S6D125E-2A-6  SAA6D102E-2C  SAA6D125E-3A-8W  SAA6D140E-3E-8
 SA12V170E-2A  SAA6D102E-2C-8  SAA6D125E-3B-8W  SAA6D140E-3J-1
 SA6D125E-3A-7W  SAA6D102E-2D  SAA6D125E-3G-8W  SAA6D140E-3J-8
 SA6D125E-3B-7  SAA6D102E-2D-8  SAA6D125E-3H-8M  SAA6D140E-3N-8
 SA6D125E-3C-7A  SAA6D102E-2DD-8  SAA6D125E-3K-8M  SDA12V140-1C
 SA6D140E-3B-7  SAA6D102E-2E-8  SAA6D140E-3A-8  SDA6D140E-2E-9
 SA6D140E-3C-7  SAA6D102E-2F-8  SAA6D140E-3B-8  SDA6D140E-3A-9
 SA6D140E-3E-7  SAA6D114E-2A-A  SAA6D140E-3C-8  S6D102E-1BB-C
Komatsu Truck Models:
 HD325-6W  HD405-7R  HD605-7E0  HM350-1
 HD325-7  HD465-7  HD605-7R  HM350-2
 HD325-7R  HD465-7E0  HD785-7  HM350-2R
 HD405-6  HD465-7R  HM300-1  HM400-1
 HD405-7  HD605-7  HM300-2  HM400-1L
 HM400-2  HM400-2R  HD325-6  
More Information

The Komatsu Truck HD405-6 HD405-7 HM400-2 Water Temperature Sensor is a high-quality replacement part for the water temperature sensor used in various Komatsu engines and trucks. The product is designed and engineered with precision to meet the OEM specifications for compatibility and performance. It has a part number of 7861-93-3320, and its application includes a wide range of Komatsu engine models such as SA6D140E-3G-7, S6D125E-2A, SA6D140E-3H-7, SAA6D114E-2B-A, SAA6D140E-3D-8, S6D125E-2A-6, and many more (see details for the full list). It is also compatible with a variety of Komatsu truck models like HD325-6W, HD405-7R, HD605-7E0, HM350-1, HD465-7, HD605-7R, HM350-2, and more (see details for the complete list).

The water temperature sensor is an essential component of the engine cooling system. It detects the temperature of the engine coolant and sends the data to the engine control unit, which adjusts the cooling fan speed and other parameters to ensure optimal engine performance and prevent overheating. As such, a faulty or malfunctioning water temperature sensor can cause a range of engine problems, such as reduced power, poor fuel economy, and even engine damage.

The Komatsu Truck HD405-6 HD405-7 HM400-2 Water Temperature Sensor provides a reliable and accurate measurement of the engine coolant temperature, ensuring that the engine is operating within safe and efficient parameters. It has a robust construction that resists corrosion, wear, and tear, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance. Its installation is straightforward and hassle-free, with no special tools or skills required.

If you own a Komatsu truck or engine and are experiencing problems with the cooling system, the Komatsu Truck HD405-6 HD405-7 HM400-2 Water Temperature Sensor might be the solution you need. With its high-quality construction, precise performance, and compatibility with a wide range of models, it is a reliable and cost-effective replacement part that can restore your engine's health and efficiency. Don't wait until it's too late - order your Komatsu Truck HD405-6 HD405-7 HM400-2 Water Temperature Sensor today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your engine is in good hands.

OEM NO. 7861-93-3320,7861933320
Application HD405-6,HD405-7,HM400-2
Engine NO. 6D140E,6D125E,6D102E,6D140E
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