HUPARTS Oil Filter 600-211-1231 600-211-1291 for Komatsu S6D125E S6D140 S6D170 SA6D140 SA6D170E D155A D375A D65EX D85A PC1250-7 PC400-6 PC450-6

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Oil Filter 600-211-1231 600-211-1291 for Komatsu S6D125E S6D140 S6D170 SA6D140 SA6D170E D155A D375A D65EX D85A PC1250-7 PC400-6 PC450-6


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Oil Filter 600-211-1231 600-211-1291 for Komatsu S6D125E S6D140 S6D170 SA6D140 SA6D170E D155A D375A D65EX D85A PC1250-7 PC400-6 PC450-6

Part Number: 600-211-1231, 600-211-1291, 6002111231, 6002111291

Total height:287(mm)
Largest OD:116(mm)
Thread Size:1 1/2-12

6D125E-2A-45 S/N 60721-UP
S6D125E-2C-6 S/N 60721-UP
S6D125E-2D-6 S/N 60721-UP
S6D125E-2E S/N 60863-UP
S6D125E-2E-6 S/N 60721-UP
S6D125E-2F-56 S/N 60721-UP
S6D140-1A-F S/N 10001-UP
S6D140E-2B-6 S/N 22537-UP
S6D155-4-R S/N 10014-UP
S6D170-1D-6A S/N 10001-UP
S6D170-1D-6B S/N 10001-UP
S6D170-1D-6W S/N 10001-UP
S6D170-1D-B S/N 14674-UP (-50cent. Spec.)
S6D170-1G-6A S/N 10001-UP
S6D170-1G-6B S/N 10001-UP
S6D170-1G-6C S/N 10001-UP
S6D170-1G-6W S/N 10001-UP
S6D170-1G-B S/N 14674-UP (-50cent. Spec.)
S6D170-1G-C S/N 14674-UP (High Altitude Spec.)
S6D170-1G-W S/N 14674-UP (For Canada / China / Chile / Russia)
S6D170-1L-6W S/N 10001-UP
S6D170E-2A S/N 17358-UP
S6D170E-2A-6D S/N 17001-UP
SA6D125E-2A-57 S/N 60721-UP
SA6D140-2C S/N 40713-UP (For D355C-3)
SA6D140-2C-5G S/N 22537-UP
SA6D140-2C-G S/N 22537-UP
SA6D140-2D-5G S/N 22537-UP
SA6D140E-2A-7 S/N 22537-UP
SA6D140E-2A-7D S/N 22537-UP
SA6D170E-2A S/N 17353-UP
SA6D170E-2A-7 S/N 17001-UP
SA6D170E-2A-7D S/N 17001-UP
SA6D170E-2A-D S/N 17353-UP
SA6D170E-2A-MC S/N 17353-UP
SA6D170E-2C S/N 17353-UP
SA6D170E-2C-7 S/N 17001-UP
SA6D170E-2C-WD S/N 21546-UP
D155A-2A S/N 57001-UP (SA6D140E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D155A-3 S/N 60001-UP
D155A-5 S/N 65001-UP (Extreme Cold Terrain)
D155AX-3 S/N 60001-UP
D155AX-5 S/N 70001-UP
D155C-1 S/N 15686-UP (SA6D140-2 Eng. Installed (-50cent. Spec.))
D155C-1 S/N 15686-UP (SA6D140-2 Eng. Installed)
D155C-1D S/N 31416-UP (S6D155-4 Eng. Installed (-50cent. Spec.))
D155C-1P S/N 15686-UP (S6D155-4 Eng. Installed (-50cent. Spec.))
D275A-2 S/N 10001-UP (-50cent. Spec.)
D355C-3 S/N 14263-UP (SA6D140-2 Eng. Installed (-30cent. Spec.))
D355C-3 S/N 14263-UP (SA6D140-2 Eng. Installed (-50cent. Spec.))
D355C-3 S/N 15479-UP (Extreme Cold Area Arrangement (-50 deg C) , Hydraulic Winch)
D375A-3 S/N 17001-UP (6 Track Roller)
D375A-3 S/N 17001-UP (For Canada / -50cent. Spec.)
D375A-3-01 S/N 17001-UP
D375A-3A S/N 17001-UP (7 Track Roller)
D375A-3A-01 S/N 17001-UP
D375A-3D S/N 17001-UP (-50cent. Spec.)
D375A-5 S/N 18001-UP
D375A-5D S/N 17743-UP (-50cent. Spec.)
D475A-3 S/N 10601-UP (Shoe Slipping Control Spec.)
D475A-3 S/N 10601-UP (Super Ripper Spec.)
D475A-3-SC S/N 10601-UP
D60P-12 S/N 60001-60883
D60P-12-E S/N 60884-UP
D65E-12 S/N 60001-60941
D65E-12 S/N 60942-UP (For C.I.S. -40cent. Spec.)
D65E-12 S/N 60942-UP (S6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D65E-12-E S/N 60942-UP
D65EX-12 S/N 60001-60941
D65EX-12 S/N 60942-UP (S6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D65EX-12-E S/N 60942-UP
D65EX-12U S/N 60942-UP (For EU)
D65P-12 S/N 60001-60883
D65P-12 S/N 60884-UP (S6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D65P-12-E S/N 60884-UP
D65PX-12 S/N 60001-60883
D65PX-12 S/N 60884-UP (S6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D65PX-12-E S/N 60884-UP
D65PX-12U S/N 60884-UP (For EU)
D75S-5 S/N 15001-UP
D85A-21 S/N 36534-UP (S6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D85A-21B S/N 36537-UP (Custom S6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D85A-21B-ER S/N 36537-UP
D85A-21-E S/N 36534-UP
D85C-21 S/N 36551-UP (For C.I.S. -50cent. Spec.)
D85C-21-A S/N 36551-UP
D85E-21 S/N 36534-UP (S6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D85ESS-2 S/N 3034-UP (For Southeast Asia / S6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D85ESS-2A S/N 3034-UP (S6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D85E-SS-2A-E S/N 3034-UP (Overseas Version / S6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D85E-SS-2-E S/N 3034-UP (For Southeast Asia / S6D125E-3 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D85P-21 S/N 3689-UP (S6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
PC1250-7 S/N 20001-UP (For C.I.S. -30cent. Spec.)
PC400-6C S/N 30001-UP (-50cent. Spec.)
PC400LC-6 S/N 30001-UP (SAA6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
PC400LC-6Z S/N 30001-UP (-50cent. Spec.)
PC400LC-6Z S/N 30001-UP (Excel Spec.)
PC450-6 S/N 10001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC450-6 S/N 10001-UP (SAA6D125E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
PC450LC-6 S/N 10001-UP (Overseas Version)
CS210-1 S/N 10001-UP
GD705A-4A-N S/N 13001-UP
WA470-3 S/N 25233-UP


More Information
OEM NO.600-211-1231, 600-211-1291, 6002111231, 6002111291
ApplicationD155A-2A, D155A-3, D155A-5, D155AX-3, D155AX-5, D155C-1, D155C-1D, D155C-1P, D275A-2, D355C-3, D375A-3, D375A-3-01, D375A-3A, D375A-3A-01, D375A-3D, D375A-5,PC1250-7, PC400-6C, PC400LC-6, PC400LC-6Z, PC450-6, PC450LC-6
Engine NO.6D125E-2A-45, S6D125E-2C-6, S6D125E-2D-6, S6D125E-2E, S6D125E-2E-6, S6D125E-2F-56, S6D140-1A-F, S6D140E-2B-6, S6D155-4-R, S6D170-1D-6A, S6D170-1D-6B, S6D170-1D-6W, S6D170-1D-B, S6D170-1G-6A, S6D170-1G-6B, S6D170-1G-6C, S6D170-1G-6W, S6D170-1G-B, S6D170-1G
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