HUPARTS ISO9001 CAT Repair Parts Engine Oil Filter 5I-8670 5I8670 C4.4 C6.4 3304 3306 3126 C7 C7.1 C9

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ISO9001 CAT Repair Parts Engine Oil Filter 5I-8670 5I8670 C4.4 C6.4 3304 3306 3126 C7 C7.1 C9

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Category: CAT Engine Spare Parts Model: C4.4 C6.4 3304 3306 C7 C9
Part NO.: 5I-8670 5I8670 Parts Name: Engine Oil Filter
Package: Standard Box Package Warranty: 6 Months
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cat aftermarket parts


cat spare parts

  • 5I-8670 5I8670 C4.4 C6.4 3304 3306 C7 C9 Engine Oil Filter Applied To CAT Spare Parts


  • Specification


Excavator spare parts name CAT engine oil filter
Equipment Model C4.4 C6.4 3304 3306 C7 C9
Parts Category CAT excavator engine parts
Spare parts Condition Brand new
MOQ of order(PCS, SET) 1
Parts Availability In stock
Delivery Lead time 1-3 days


  • Application

EXCAVATOR 307 311 311B 311C 311D LRR 311F LRR 312 312B 312B L 312C 312C L 312D 312D L 312D2 312D2 GC 312D2 L 312E 312E L 313B 313D 313D2 313D2 LGP 314C 314D CR 314D LCR 314E CR 314E LCR 315 315B L 315C 315D L 316E L 317 317B LN 318B 318C 318D L 318D2 L 318E L 319C 319D 319D L 319D LN 320C 320C FM 320C L 320D 320D FM 320D FM RR 320D GC 320D L 320D LN 320D LRR 320D RR 320D2 320D2 GC 320D2 L 320E 320E L 320E LN 320E LRR 320E RR 321C 321D LCR 322C 323D L 323D LN 323D SA 323D2 L 323E L 324D 324D FM 324D FM LL 324D L 324D LN 324E 324E L 324E LN 325C 325D 325D FM 325D FM LL 325D L 325D MH 326D L 328D LCR 329D 329D L 329D LN 329E 329E L 329E LN 330C 330C L 330D 330D FM 330D L 330D LN 330D MH 336D 336D L 336D LN 336D2 336D2 L 336E 336E H 336E L 336E LH 336E LN 336F L 340D L 340D2 L 345C 345C L 345C MH 345D 345D L 345D L VG 349D 349D L 349E 349E L 349E L VG 349F L 568 FM LL
MINI HYD EXCAVATOR 307B 307C 307D 308C 308D 308E 308E CR 308E SR
MOBILE HYD POWER UNIT 323D L 323D LN 324D LN 325C 325D 329D L 329E 330C 330D 330D L 336D L 336E 336E HVG 345C L 349D L 349E 349E L HVG
TRACK FELLER BUNCHER 1090 1190 1190T 1290T 2290 2390 2391 2491 2590 511 521 521B 522 522B 532 541 541 2 551 552 552 2


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  •  All spare parts are produced as per genuien CAT standard system


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OEM NO.5I-8670 5I8670
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