Fuel Lift Pump ULPK0031 for Perkins Engine 704-30 704-26 704-30T

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Fuel Lift Pump ULPK0031 for Perkins Engine 704-30 704-26 704-30T

Part Number:

2641A077 replaces U2641A077 since 25/10/1996.
ULPK0031 replaces 2641A077 since 08/01/1997.


Engine Type : UACompany name : 704-30
UA35050 UA35051 UA35052 UA35053 UA35055 UA35056 UA36174 UA36179 UA36183 UA36219 UA36252 UA36266 UA36267 UA36271 UA36272 UA36275 UA36276 UA36278 UA36305 UA36313 UA36314 UA36326 UA36335 UA36338 UA36351 UA36352 UA36355 UA36366 UA36370 UA36377 UA36383 UA36384 UA36385 UA36403 UA36429 UA36470 UA36496 UA36497 UA36524 UA36577 UA36590 UA36608 UA36614 UA36623 UA36625 UA36626 UA36641 UA36666 UA36686 UA36709 UA36770 UA36771 UA36786 UA36811 UA36825 UA36835 UA36849 UA36872 UA36891 UA36928 UA36985 UA36987 UA36988 UA37052 UA37066 UA37093 UA37094 UA37099 UA37104 UA37136 UA37140 UA37208 UA37211 UA37217 UA37218 UA37223 UA37240 UA37241 UA37242 UA37245 UA37246 UA37247 UA37248 UA37249 UA37250 UA37254 UA37274 UA37277 UA50615 UA70384 UA70402 UA70412 UA70442 UA70454 UA70465 UA70478 UA70482 UA70505 UA80862 UA80863 UA80869 UA80870 UA80883 UA80884 UA80885 UA80887 UA80892 UA80930 UA80931 UA80953 UA80954 UA80955 UA80958 UA80963 UA80970 UA80973 UA80979 UA80984 UA80992 UA81004 UA81024 UA81028 UA81057 UA81058 UA81059 UA81097 UA81106 UA81107 UA81127 UA81144 UA81150 UA81172 UA81175 UA81183 UA81185 UA81188 UA81263 UA81276 UA81321 UA81358
Engine Type : UBCompany name : 704-26
UB30450 UB50687 UB70443 UB70444 UB70563 UB70564 UB80905 UB80982 UB81428 UB81459
Engine Type : UCCompany name : 704-30T
UC50732 UC50769 UC70484 UC81203 UC81204 UC81214 UC81227 UC81238 UC81267 UC81310 UC81322 UC81326 UC81342 UC81359

More Information

Introducing the Fuel Lift Pump ULPK0031 for Perkins Engine 704-30 704-26 704-30T, a high-quality replacement part that guarantees optimal performance and reliability. With its superior design and engineering, it is the perfect solution for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your Perkins engine.

Part Number ULPK0031, also referred to as BCD1647 and BCD1641, is a direct replacement for part number U2641A077, which has been in use since October 25, 1996. The ULPK0031 was introduced as a replacement for the U2641A077 on January 8, 1997, offering enhanced performance and durability.

This fuel lift pump is compatible with various engine types under the UA, UB, and UC Company names. For the UA Company, it supports the following engine models: 704-30UA35050, 704-30UA35051, 704-30UA35052, 704-30UA35053, 704-30UA35055, and more. For the UB Company, it is compatible with models such as 704-26UB30450, 704-26UB50687, and 704-26UB70443. Lastly, for the UC Company, it supports engine models like 704-30TUC50732, 704-30TUC50769, and 704-30TUC70484.

This fuel lift pump is designed to meet or exceed the specifications of leading brands such as DELPHI, HFP148, HYSTER, and MCCORMICK. Its high-quality construction ensures reliable fuel delivery, preventing engine stalling and ensuring smooth operation. The ULPK0031 is built to withstand the harshest conditions and is resistant to corrosion, ensuring longevity and durability.

Installation of the ULPK0031 is quick and easy, with no modifications or adjustments required. It is a direct fit replacement, allowing for a hassle-free installation process and minimizing downtime. With its precision engineering, it provides a secure and leak-free connection, ensuring optimal fuel flow to the engine.

By choosing the Fuel Lift Pump ULPK0031 for your Perkins Engine 704-30 704-26 704-30T, you can be confident in the reliability and performance of your engine. It is designed to deliver maximum efficiency, improving fuel consumption and reducing emissions. Whether you are using your engine in agricultural, construction, or industrial applications, the ULPK0031 is the ideal choice for maintaining peak performance.

Invest in the Fuel Lift Pump ULPK0031 today and experience the exceptional quality and reliability that Perkins engines are known for. Trust in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

OEM NO. ULPK0031,BCD1647,BCD1641
Engine NO. 704-30, 704-26, 704-30T
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