For Sumitomo Excavator SH100 Engine 4BD1 Turbocharger Intake Manifold

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For Sumitomo Excavator SH100 Engine 4BD1 Turbocharger Intake Manifold



Sumitomo Excavator SH100


Isuzu 4BD1



Hole Diameter:10mm

Screw Tooth:15mm

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The Sumitomo Excavator SH100 Engine 4BD1 Turbocharger Intake Manifold is the perfect solution for excavator owners in need of a top-quality intake manifold. This exceptional product is designed to perfectly fit the Sumitomo Excavator SH100 and features an Isuzu 4BD1 engine that ensures unbeatable performance and durability.

The intake manifold has a length of 67cm and a hole diameter of 10mm, making it the appropriate size for proper engine intake. The screw tooth, which measures 15mm, ensures a firm and secure attachment to the engine. This compact yet sturdy structure guarantees longevity and provides great value for money.


The Sumitomo Excavator SH100 Engine 4BD1 Turbocharger Intake Manifold brings a lot of advantages to any excavator owner. Here are the main benefits that accompany this product:

1. Greater Engine Efficiency - The Isuzu 4BD1 engine guarantees maximum engine efficiency, thanks to its top-notch performance that culminates in an overall remarkable engine operation.

2. Increased Engine Power - By introducing a turbocharger intake manifold, engine power is significantly increased. This leads to a better overall excavator experience!

3. Improved Durability - The long-lasting design of this intake manifold ensures extended durability, cutting down on maintenance costs and ensuring a profitable lifeline for your excavator machine.

Key Features:

To further delve into how beneficial the Sumitomo Excavator SH100 Engine 4BD1 Turbocharger Intake Manifold is, let us take a look at some of the most notable features:

1. Perfect Fit for Sumitomo Excavator SH100 - This product is exclusively tailored to the Sumitomo Excavator SH100 machine, ensuring a perfect fit that eliminates compatibility issues.

2. Isuzu 4BD1 Engine - The engine incorporated into the design of this intake manifold is the renowned Isuzu 4BD1, which is a powerful engine where quality and performance meet.

3. Length - At 67cm, the intake manifold fits the engine space with a snug fit, preventing any internal debris and maintaining optimal performance.

4. Hole Diameter - The manifold comes with a hole diameter of 10mm, which allows excellent intake ability for the engine.

5. Screw Tooth Size - With a diameter of 15mm, the manifold's screw tooth size is perfect, creating a solid fit and preventing unwanted damage to the part.


In summary, the Sumitomo Excavator SH100 Engine 4BD1 Turbocharger Intake Manifold is a top-of-the-line product that is uniquely tailored to fit Sumitomo Excavator SH100 machines efficiently. With a powerful Isuzu 4BD1 engine, this product offers unparalleled engine efficiency, increased engine power, and incredible durability. Additionally, the length, hole diameter, and screw tooth size of this part all reinforce the overall reliability and security of the product. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and subpar engine operation and opt for this fantastic Sumitomo Excavator SH100 Engine 4BD1 Turbocharger Intake Manifold today!

Application SH100
Engine NO. 4BD1
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