HUPARTS 421-15-12420 Planet Gear For Komatsu D61 D65 D85 Bulldozer Transimission Gearbox

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421-15-12420 Planet Gear For Komatsu D61 D65 D85 Bulldozer Transimission Gearbox

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Model Number: D61 D65 D85 WA450 WA470 Transportation: By Sea/air By Express
Product Name: Planetary Gear Part Number: 421-15-12420
Packing: Standard Export Carton Warranty: 6/12 Months
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D85 Planet Gear


D65 Planet Gear

  • 421-15-12420 Planet Gear Applied To Komatsu D61 D65 D85 Bulldozer Transimission Gearbox




  • Specification


Application Bulldozer transimission Spare Parts
Name   Planetary gear
Parts No  421-15-12420
Model D61 D65 D85 WA450 WA470
Delivery time 2-10 days
Quality OEM quality
Design made in china
Means of transport By sea/air, DHL
Packing As request or standard packing



WHEEL LOADERS 545 WA450 WA470 Komatsu



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6 Other parts: Service kit, swing circle, engine hood, swing joint, fuel tank, filter, boom, arm, bucket etc.




  • Part Diagram

Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
  134-15-61100 [1] TRANSMISSION ASS'Y Komatsu 487.5 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"] |1.  
1. 14X-15-12340 [1] CARRIER Komatsu 7.55 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
2. 421-15-12420 [4] GEAR Komatsu 0.74 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
3. 14X-15-19440 [4] BEARING Komatsu 0.088 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
4. 09233-12920 [8] WASHER Komatsu China 0.02 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
5. 14X-15-12540 [4] SHAFT Komatsu 0.28 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
6. 04260-00635 [4] BALL Komatsu 0.012 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["805750022", "YM24190080001", "21D0986810"]  
7. 421-15-12150 [1] SPACER Komatsu 0.23 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
8. 14X-15-19210 [1] SEAL RING Komatsu 0.063 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
9. 14X-15-12621 [1] GEAR Komatsu 5.24 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
10. 14X-15-19530 [1] RING Komatsu 0.06 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
11. 14X-15-19510 [1] RING Komatsu 0.03 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
12. 06000-06926 [1] BEARING Komatsu OEM 1.63 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
13. 04070-00130 [1] RING Komatsu 0.129 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
14. 14X-15-12310 [1] CARRIER Komatsu 7.65 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
15. 14X-15-12410 [4] GEAR Komatsu 0.61 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
20. 14X-15-12190 [1] SPACER Komatsu 0.41 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
21. 14X-15-19220 [1] SEAL RING Komatsu 0.02 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
22. 06030-06210 [1] BEARING Komatsu 0.48 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
23. 04077-00090 [1] RING Komatsu 0.025 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
24. 14X-15-12611 [1] GEAR Komatsu 5.05 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
25. 14X-15-19520 [1] RING Komatsu 0.05 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
26. 06030-06922 [1] BEARING Komatsu 0.92 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
27. 04070-00110 [1] RING Komatsu 0.09 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
28. 04064-05020 [4] RING Komatsu 0.01 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
29. 14X-15-12140 [1] SPACER Komatsu 0.12 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
30. 14X-15-12210 [1] GEAR Komatsu 0.75 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
31. 14X-15-12220 [1] GEAR Komatsu 1.14 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
32. 14X-15-12250 [1] GEAR Komatsu 1.71 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
33. 14X-15-12240 [1] GEAR Komatsu 1.6 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
34. 14X-15-12160 [1] SPACER Komatsu 0.4 kg.
      ["SN: 1001-UP"]  
35. 04064-05520 [1] RING Komatsu 0.01 kg.
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OEM NO.421-15-12420
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