3 Wire Ignition Switch 2P-4749 for Caterpillar CAT 225 613 613B Engine D330C D342 G342 D346 3304 3306

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3 Wire Ignition Switch 2P-4749 for Caterpillar CAT 225 613 613B Engine D330C D342 G342 D346 3304 3306

Part Number:

225 EXCAVATOR 51U00001-00589 (MACHINE)
225 EXCAVATOR 51U00590-02033 (MACHINE)
3304 ENGINE 02B04364-05271
3304 ENGINE 04B06032-07793
3304 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 02B05272-09536
3304 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 04B07794-14448
3304 MARINE ENGINE 05B01387-02056
3306 ENGINE 23C00740-00841
3306 ENGINE 66D08891-12369
3306 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 23C00842-01265
3306 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 66D12370-26831
3306 MARINE ENGINE 67D01103-01369
3306 MARINE ENGINE 67D01370-02421
613 TRACTOR 71M00001-01377 (MACHINE)
613 TRACTOR 71M01378-02548 (MACHINE)
D330C ENGINE 02B00001-04363
D330C ENGINE 04B00001-06031
D330C MARINE ENGINE 05B00001-01196
D333C ENGINE 23C00001-00739
D333C ENGINE 66D00001-08890
D342 & G342 ENGINE 31B02478-03984
D342 ENGINE 31B03985-UP
D342 ENGINE 49B01091-UP
D342 MARINE ENGINE 50B00001-01024
D343 ENGINE 62B06728-UP
D346 ENGINE 39J00001-UP
D379B ENGINE 68B01616-02539
D379B ENGINE 68B02540-UP
D398B ENGINE 66B02049-03560
D398B ENGINE 66B03561-UP
D399 ENGINE 35B00001-00687
G342 ENGINE 71B00001-UP
G343 ENGINE 97N00001-UP
G379 ENGINE 72B00468-UP
G398 ENGINE 73B00906-UP
G399 ENGINE 49C00001-00260
G399 ENGINE 49C00261-UP

More Information

Introducing the 3 Wire Ignition Switch 2P-4749 for Caterpillar CAT 225 613 613B Engine D330C D342 G342 D346 3304 3306. This ignition switch is designed to provide reliable and efficient performance for your Caterpillar equipment. With a part number of CA2P4749, 2P-4749, 2P4749, this ignition switch is made specifically for the compatible Caterpillar models.

The 3 Wire Ignition Switch 2P-4749 is highly versatile and can be used in various applications. It is compatible with the 225 Excavator, 613 Tractor, 613B Tractor, D330C Engine, D342 Engine, G342 Engine, D346 Engine, 3304 Engine, 3306 Engine, and more. Whether you have a construction machine, industrial engine, marine engine, or tractor, this ignition switch is a suitable choice.

One of the key features of this ignition switch is the reliable three-wire design. The three wires ensure a secure and stable connection, minimizing the risk of malfunctions or faulty starts. It provides a strong and consistent electrical connection, allowing for smooth and efficient ignition operation.

Another notable feature of the 3 Wire Ignition Switch 2P-4749 is its compatibility with various engine models. From the powerful D330C and D342 engines to the versatile 3304 and 3306 engines, this ignition switch can handle a wide range of engine types and sizes. It is engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of heavy-duty applications, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

Installing the 3 Wire Ignition Switch 2P-4749 is easy and hassle-free. Its compact size and straightforward design make it easy to integrate into your existing equipment setup. It comes with clear instructions and can be easily installed by a professional or experienced technician.

When it comes to quality, the 3 Wire Ignition Switch 2P-4749 exceeds expectations. It is manufactured to exacting standards using high-quality materials. This ensures its reliability and longevity, allowing you to trust in its performance for years to come. The ignition switch is also thoroughly tested to guarantee its functionality and adherence to safety standards.

Don't let a faulty ignition switch slow down your Caterpillar equipment. Upgrade to the 3 Wire Ignition Switch 2P-4749 and experience the difference in performance and reliability. With its wide compatibility, durable construction, and easy installation, this ignition switch is the perfect choice for your Caterpillar CAT 225 613 613B Engine D330C D342 G342 D346 3304 3306. Trust in this ignition switch to provide you with consistent and efficient ignition operation, ensuring the smooth operation of your equipment.

OEM NO. CA2P4749,2P-4749,2P4749
Application 225
Engine NO. 3160, 3208, 3304, 3306, 613, 613B, D342C, D346, D399, G343
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